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A twice weekly podcast focusing on career management and recruitment with executive recruiter John G. Self, Managing Partner of a Dallas-based search firm.
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Jul 28, 2016

Here is the rundown for today's podcast.

John reflects on his early career asa  reporter, editor and an investigative journalist for newspapers in Tyler, Lubbock and Houston Texas. He was loved what he was doing, even on the bad nights covering crime for The Houston Post.

When he changed to a "normal" job, first as Director of Public Relations and then as the first Director of the hospital's new Life Flight emergency helicopter transport system, John remembers feeling a sense of sadness at leaving the world of news.  But those feelings were quickly replaced by a love of, and a passion for, his new work.

In his work today, he encounters people with passion for healthcare. From Dr. Forney Fleming, Director and Clinical Professor in the healthcare management graduate program at UT Dallas to current and would be CEOs and senior executives.

Listen to learn an important leadership quality we should keep close to our hearts.  

Jul 26, 2016


Here is the rundown for today's podcast.

Today, in the first half of the podcast, John discusses the importance of drilling down on a candidate's personal and business values in deciding whether they can deliver effective leadership.

In the second half, John discusses how mistakes in business, even those that result in a termination, are learning moments.  It is what we learn from those missteps, and how we respond when asked about them, that makes all the difference.


Jul 21, 2016

Here is today's podcast rundown:

1.  Today John focuses on the importance of social media in the job search. Is it a meaningful tool for career brand management that can aid your job search, or just a passing fad that will be replaced by the next sparkly, shiny mobile application.

2.  In an information segment, John explains the Firm's new Vision and Values Physician Recruitment Solution and the Firm will work to add value in this broken business model.

3.  In Part II of this podcast, John provides 5 ideas to help you improve your social media strategy and enhance your career brand.

Jul 19, 2016

Here is the rundown for today's podcast:

John focuses on the kickoff to the presidential campaign, that period of time when the truth seems to be the least important consideration. Politicians seem to get a the ballot box.

Business leaders are not afforded that luxury.  Integrity in their communications is central to their overall success.

Jul 14, 2016

Today's rundown.


John interviews Dan Nielsen, Founder of CEO of America's Healthcare Leaders and the Dan Nielsen Company.  Dan is one of the preeminent thought leaders in the healthcare industry.   

As CEO of the DFW Medical Center, he earned the reputation for being one of the early innovators, attracting the attention of his larger rivals who were saw Dan's hospital as a mini-lab for program and service experimentation.  Dan spent 15 years with VHA responsible for their national education and networking programs.

He is an author and frequent speaker on the issue of leadership.

Jul 12, 2016

Today's rundown:

John focuses on the importance of vendor innovation and leadership to help clients succeed in these challenging times of healthcare reform and reduced reimbursement. 

He describes how his firm, JohnGSelf + Partners, Inc., has focused on this value proposition and how he feels compelled to continue looking for ways to invest in the success of his clients.

Jul 7, 2016

Here is the rundown for our Tuesday, July 7, 2016 podcast:


1.  We focus on the difference between leaders and people who can lead

2.  John discussed Simon Sinek's revolutionary Golden Circle.  It is not about what do you but why you do it -- from selling solutions to leading people.

You can listen here or subscribe to our podcast on iTunes.


Jul 5, 2016

Here is the rundown for Tuesday's podcast:

  1.  We tell the story of Robert, a hospital CEO with a long and solid record of accomplishment who finds himself struggling mightily to land his next assignment.   When his last job was eliminated in a corporate consolidation, Robert did not think he needed outplacement coaching. So, he plunged into his job search relying on all of his experience from prior interviews.  And then he encountered a tidal wave of market realities that he does not seem to understand.  What worked in the past often does not seem to have traction today.  So, Robert doubled down.
  2. John shares information on the Firm's outplacement and career coaching service. Losing your job, especially in this current climate, can be an epic crisis.  There are many options in the market place but the JGS+P approach is unique and successful. We have your back.


Jul 2, 2016

Here is the rundown for our July 4th weekend podcast:

  1. A California judge halts an SEIU initiative on executive compensation
  2. Strategies for using executive compensation to enhance your brand
  3. A new survey on Millennial values provides some stunning, and promising, insights
  4. 19 hospitals in rural New Mexico have formed a network in hopes of surviving
  5. A surgeon's promise to his brother shapes a rewarding career

Happy July 4th! Have a great weekend.

The SelfPerspective Team