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A twice weekly podcast focusing on career management and recruitment with executive recruiter John G. Self, Managing Partner of a Dallas-based search firm.
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Jun 30, 2016

Today's podcast looks into the issue of poor employee engagement and how that problem contributes to the healthcare industry's ongoing challenges with quality of care and patient safety.

Jun 28, 2016

Today's podcast is a follow-up to our Monday post, What Got You Here, Won't Get You There.  We reaffirm the financial and competitive value of hiring the smartest best performers available. As the healthcare industry through the era of reform and the added challenge of lower reimbursement, health systems, hospitals and other providers cannot afford not to hire the strongest people available.

We examine the importance of changing your hiring culture and the value of development a talent management plan, an investment that can be recouped in just executive or management transition. This is especially true when it comes to your medical staff.


Don't Forget Your Medical Staff

As more health systems and hospitals employ physicians, we should not forget that they then become employees --- employees who are central to fulfilling our mission to deliver quality of care and to produce revenue that will support that mission.  So, it is critical that hospitals build a plan to develop and engage these employees as well as options in the unforeseen event of an early retirement, death or disability.  

Losing a physician can financially cripple many rural and smaller community hospitals so it is important to have an immediate response strategy.  

At JohnGSelf + Partners, we can help you develop that plan to expedite recruiting a replacement physician.  We also have the resources to help your medical staff develop a long-term manpower plan to ensure that the needs of your community will be met.

For more information, call John Self, Managing Partner, in Dallas or Laura Merker, Dr. PH, RN, in New York.  214.761.5472.  

Jun 25, 2016

This weekend we take a look back at the two major news stories that could impact the US healthcare market, we will take a look at the value, and humor of reading wedding announcements and I will share a story about how my dad created a leadership legacy.


Jun 23, 2016

Today we focus on a troubling fact in healthcare -- our values are not where they need to be.  

If you are a hospital CEO who believes that, at the end of the day, it is all about financial performance, then click the off button now.  You will not like what you hear. 

This headline is a direct quote a CEO candidate made to our Firm earlier this year in an interview. Believe it or not.

This rattled me because it seemed to be a link between our troubling problems with quality of care and patient safety and a shift in our leadership values.

Are we getting so corporate in our approach and speech that we are losing sight of why our business exists?

Jun 23, 2016

Today we focus on a troubling fact in healthcare -- our values are not where they need to be.  If you are a hospital CEO who believes that it is all about financial performance, then click the off button now.  You will not like what you hear.  

Jun 21, 2016

In today's podcast, John focuses in on one of the great myths in business:  bigger is definitely not necessarily better. Is having 20 offices of recruiters any guarantee that the firm will passionately committed to your success.

Probably not.  But in an era of bigger is better, that is a myth that seems to be driving the day. Meanwhile, quality of care and patient safety is suspect.  Bigger will not improve care, enhance safety or reduce costs to the consumer.

If you think this is self serving. Fine. Call me. I bet I can change your mind.

Jun 18, 2016

Hello. Welcome to our podcast for this Father's Day weekend, 2016.

Today in SelfPerspective, John interviews John Graves, CEO of Lillian Hudspeth Memorial Hospital in rural Sonora, Texas.  Mr. Graves describes his leadership values and the important role his Air Force experience has played in his success as a CEO.

Next up, John shares excerpts from several college commencement addresses that captured his interest.

We end the podcast with a return to one of John's favorite subjects -- the power of storytelling to communicate important values and ideas.

Jun 16, 2016

A lot has been written -- and I do mean a lot -- on the subject of career branding and career brand management.

In today's podcast, John focuses on the issue of brand blindness.  It is a must-listen for anyone seeking to gain a market advantage in a hyper competitive job market.

Jun 14, 2016

The use of stories to illustrate a point, to sell an idea -- to win the hearts and minds of followers -- has been around since the beginning of time. Today we are seeing a renewed interest in the art form of story telling to motivate and engage employees.  As one CEO told John, "I have a new title:  Chief Storyteller."

Jun 11, 2016

This weekend, we focus on leadership values.  Ken Richmond, FACHE, an interim executive based in Buffalo, New York, walks the talk when it comes to being a values leader.  It is not a good day unless he visits with at least five patients and tours the facility talking about the importance of quality -- treating patients as if they were a relative or friend -- and preaching the gospel of quality.  What makes Ken special is his passion, his empathy and his commitment to listen carefully.  

John also talks about two of his blogs, Values Versus Value and The Power of Love (In Leadership).  So join us and then let us know what you think.

Jun 9, 2016

Today’s podcast features Part II of our ongoing series Executive Search:  Pulling Back the Curtains, an insider’s look at how search firms operate.

In this installment, John explains how first handle candidate references and background checks.  Times are changing and lax background reviews that were typical in the past are becoming more focused as is the process of checking candidate references.


Jun 4, 2016

It's Saturday.  John has a steaming cup of Community Coffee and the morning papers as well as notes on interesting ideas from the past week so settle in for interesting information and insight that will help you manage your career.

Today he shares some interesting reasons candidates are eliminated from searches that a New York colleague provided.  Then he is going to pass along some reasons why he will automatically eliminate candidates.

Finally, John shares some thoughts from David Brooks, New York Times columnist, author and a member of the Yale faculty where he teaches a course on leadership.  

Mr. Brooks shared an interesting piece of research on why certain people achieve promotions and become great leaders, and other wallow in the ditches. The answer may surprise you. It was part of a fascinating hour-long interview with Charlie Rose.